Phone Cases: The Perfect Way to Protect and Personalise Your Mobile

phone casesPhone cases are one of the most useful mobile accessories around. They offer valuable protection, helping your phone to stay in top condition and providing peace of mind. They’re also one of the best ways to make your phone look the way you want it to, with a multitude of colours, designs and styles available.

It doesn’t matter what kind of phone you have, as cases are available for most models. Make sure you pick the right one by checking the name and specific model of your phone, or else it won’t fit. Cases are specially designed to fit snugly around your phone, with gaps that allow you to access the charging and headphone sockets, volume control, camera lens, microphone and speakers, and anything else you wouldn’t want covered by the case. They don’t cost a lot, and the protection you’ll get is definitely worth it. Having a strong phone cover could potentially save you lots of money on repairs or replacements in the future.


In terms of protection, a hard phone case is usually recommended as one of the best options. These tough cases should prevent damage to the outside of your phone, and will help to protect the phone if you drop it . Soft ones are also popular, and are available in different materials. Leather is a common choice, as it looks good and offers effective protection. Many leather cases have a section to fold over and protect the front of your phone, which is great for keeping touch screens free from scratches, especially if you often keep your phone in a bag or pocket. Some also allow you to stand the phone up on a table, by folding back one of the panels. This is great for watching videos with friends, reading eBooks, or typing messages.

If you want a case that’s mainly to protect your phone while inside a bag, consider a soft, zip up case which fits around your entire phone, with a zip opening at the top for easy access. This type is available in lots of different colours and designs, and you can even choose the type of material you’d like.

Some cases are made of a special type of soft silicone rubber, which is durable and easy to take on and off the phone. These covers provide maximum grip for when you’re holding the phone, ensuring that it won’t slip out of your hands. Available in a wide variety of colours, they don’t add much weight or size to the phone, which is great if you want to travel light while still keeping your phone as safe as possible.

Case Accessories

Lots of phone cases come with accessories, and it’s worth checking these out. If a specific extra doesn’t come with your case, you can always buy it separately instead.

Some might include small stylus for use with touch screens. These are particularly useful when typing or doing intricate tasks on your phone, and keeping your screen free of fingerprints. For artistic types, a stylus is also great for use with digital painting and drawing applications. If you plan to use a stylus a lot, look for a phone case with a built in slot to store it – they’re small and easy to lose otherwise!

Another useful accessory is a plastic screen protector, which is cut to fit your touch screen and helps prevent scratches. Many cases also include a microfibre cloth for cleaning your touch screen, keeping it bright and in good condition.


Phone covers aren’t just for protection – they also look great. Choose from minimalist black and white patterns, cute animal faces, a picture of your favourite band or TV show, a piece of beautiful art, and loads more. Check craft shops and fairs for mobile cases that have been handmade – many include tiny clay models, jewels and other items arranged into intricate designs that will definitely make your phone stand out.

If you want to make your mobile phone look extra special, why not order a personalised case? Many sites allow you design your own case from scratch, choosing the appropriate size and material, then adding your own content. You can add your own photos or artwork and text, and be reminded of a special moment every time you use your phone. These customised mobile phone cases also make excellent gifts – a new phone with a unique case is a present that won’t be forgotten about in a hurry.

Overall, cases are a great, affordable way to keep your phone safe and stylish.


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Choosing The Right Phone Chargers and Data Cables

chargerThe majority of mobile phones come with a wall charger. It may be either white, gray or black, depending on the phone brand. Most of them come with chargers and data cables for enhanced flexibility. This is because people tend to use their smartphones like a computer. One will transfer items from the computer to the phone or vice versa. So what if your charger or data cable has been tempered with and you need a replacement, what are the things to look out for?


Can the charger be removed from the wall and be used as a transfer channel? When you buy a charger, you must ensure that it is flexible enough. In terms of being able to transfer media, or even charging the phone from other devices.

There are some portable chargers that can be used on the go. The charger and cable should be able to be separated and the cable used as a connection to the portable charging device.

It should also be able to be used in a car. If you buy a charger, you must ensure that it can be inserted in the car port and used via the data cable to charge the phone.


Though this may sound lame, you need a long enough cable that will avoid inconveniences. Take for example if you are charging your phone from your PC. It will be challenging, especially when you want to operate the phone. A recommended size should be about 3ft in length. That will allow you to easily plugg it in the computer and use it freely.


When buying phone chargers and data cables, you must know that they are best kept when they are tied around. This applies when you want to carry them. They should be easy to bend without tampering with the wiring. The cable should be flexible enough and the charger should contain it comfortably. Finding a flat cable design will make is better to bend and store, which enhances the durability.

usb cableVoltage and Transfer Rate

The voltage of the phone charger should be appropriate in order to avoid over heating. Especially when plugged in a different voltage socket. It should also have a surge-protection to ensure your phone is protected from any shorts.

Data cables should also have a high transfer rate. This applies both in the power exchange, which promotes faster charging, and the media exchange rate. It would have been better if it transfers media faster or if it charges the phone in a shorter time, but fully.

Phone chargers will determine the durability of your phone. This is in terms of performance and battery life. If you choose an inappropriate charger and data cable, they may ruin your phone battery, which shortens the lifespan. When buying a charger it is highly recommended to go for the same brand as the phone, or at least a genuine universal one.

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